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Revenue Cycle Management
StraightLine Medical Billing LLC Services
Contracting & Credentialing
RAC Audit Support
StraightLine is experienced in the full spectrum of the revenue cycle:
  • Charge entry and auditing for clean claim submission and correct coding
  • Payment posting including banking reconciliation and reimbursement analysis
  • Denial management and accounts receivable follow up
  • Patient support including customer service, patient statements and collections.¬†
At StraightLine Medical Billing LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We provide a variety of services including:
StraightLine is expert in both contracting and credentialing, contract negotiations and how to minimize carrier delays.
  • New practice start-up contracting
  • Contract amendments for new/ancillary services
  • New provider credentialing and linking providers to practices
  • Revalidation and recredentialing of sites and providers
With ICD-10 implementation on the horizon, here are five tips to ensure your practice is prepared:

1. Train your staff on ICD-10 code structure and ensure you have current coding materials on hand by August 31st.

2. Review and update all practice materials which contain ICD-9 codes including encounters, referral and authorization forms. This includes templates and forms included in your EMR.

3. Conduct a documentation assessment to ensure medical records contain the specificity required for ICD-10 coding.

4. Dual code to get familiar with the diagnosis codes used most often in your practice. Consider ramping up by dual coding one day of the week at first and increasing that to full dual coding by the end of September.

5. Rely less on unspecified diagnosis codes as this is a known area of concern expressed by insurance carriers. Never send an unspecified code for laterality, contributing factors, complications and episodes of care.

Straightline Medical Billing has ICD-10 services in place to assist your practice. We can provide customized training, procure coding manuals, perform clinical documentation assessments and encounter conversion. Schedule services right away to avoid unnecessary reimbursement delays!

ICD-10 Assessments & Training
StraightLine has the staff and tools available to perform chart audits for compliance and practice management.
  • Impartial external audit
  • Provider and specialty Bell Curve comparisons
  • Baseline and periodic chart and billing audits¬†
  • Certified professional coders (CPC) and certified professional medical auditor (CPMA) on staff
Compliance Audits & Plans
Chart Audits
The HIPAA/HITech legislation makes it even more important for practices to focus on compliance and StraightLine is your compliance partner.
  • Compliance and security risk assessment
  • Business Associate management program
  • Compliance plan creation and implementation
  • External Compliance Officer through our certified professional compliance officer (CPCO)
If they haven't visited you yet, chances are RAC, OIG or DOJ will notify you of an audit. StraightLine helps you be prepared and ready to face any external review with confidence.
  • Identify and resolve potential billing problems
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Provide healthcare defense resources including medical experts and healthcare attorneys
Get ready for ICD-10 with these helpful resources from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: