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Evaluation and Management and Preventive Services - Same Day
There are instances when a patient comes in for routine preventive office visits (for example, well-child exam or annual gynecologic exam) and also presents a significant new complaint that requires an additional workup. 
Straightline culls news from insurance carriers and practice management sources to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information from around the industry.
Acquisitions - Friend or Foe?
A couple of weeks ago there was news that Aetna is purchasing Humana. Now Anthem is making a move on Cigna. The mergers initially concerned me because the carriers will be even bigger Goliaths to our tiny David. I flashed back to my business school classes on antitrust and monopolies. Then an article in Becker's Hospital Review helped me realize I am not alone. Read more...
ICD-10's financial impact before and after Oct. 1
There is no doubt that ICD-10 has already had an impact on your practice's financial picture both before the transition and likely long after Oct. 1, 2015. Many predict a sharp rise in claims denials and drop in revenue in the months after the transition.
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