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HIPAA Compliance & Security Risk Analaysis
Omnibus is here and it affects anyone who creates, transmits, maintains or stores HIPAA protected electronic personal health information (ePHI). In an increasingly electronic world, compliance and security are high priority items that are easy to overlook. StraightLine Medical Billing, along with our partner, Gestalt Security, are here to help.

HIPAA Compliance Audit

StraightLine Medical offers a HIPAA Compliance Audit designed to identify the areas of operation that meet HIPAA requirements and those areas that are deficient. This easy to use assessment allows you to focus your efforts and resources.

HIPAA Compliance Plans

While not mandatory for all practices, having a HIPAA Compliance Plan in place which meets the OIG specifications can help a practice survive an audit. Many practices don't have the time or resources to create a compliance plan even though they may have many of the components in place. StraightLine Medical can bring together the OIG requirements with your existing policies and procedures to create a customized compliance plan which meets your practices needs. Once a plan is in place you can establish an internal Compliance Officer or use ours.

Business Associate Agreement Management

As evidenced by message boards in professional societies, one of the greatest sources of confusion in the Omnibus package is the Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Creation of a BAA Management plan to identify direct lines of responsibility is key to maintaining a successful program. StraightLine Medical can review your existing BAAs to determine if they're grandfathered in, identify missing BAAs and provide guidance for communication with your downstream Business Associates. Once the plan is in place, the maintenance is easily incorporated in your existing administrative functions.

Security Risk Analysis

Meaningful Use Measure 15 brings a whole new level of electronic exchange to the playing field. While your Stage 2 certified EMR is required to have the capabilities, your practice maintains the responsibility for the security of your patients' PHI. Gestalt Security evaluates your attestation for Meaningful Use incentives to ensure your practice will satisfactorily meet the scrutiny of an invasive audit.