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Sue Carney, RCC, CPC, CPMA, VP Revenue Cycle Analytics
About Our Team
StraightLine Medical Billing LLC was founded in 2005 serving radiology and urgent care practices in North Carolina. Since then StraightLine expanded its services to other specialties including durable medical equipment suppliers, sleep medicine, gastroenterology, family practice, infectious disease, orthopaedics and other surgical practices. We've also expanded to serve practices outside of North Carolina. 

Our headquarters are in Wilmington, NC. Other medical billing companies may offer similar services but StraightLine distinguishes ourselves by being an integral part of your practice team instead of a vendor of services. 
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StraightLine has the confidence, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the ability to practice medicine and care for your patients while maintaining a successful medical practice.
Yvonne Moncovich, SPHR, CPC, CPCO, CRC, VP Operations
Ms. Moncovich joined StraightLine in 2006 as Director of Operations. She brings experience in human resources, compliance, medical billing and customer service. She is specifically responsible for recruiting, orienting, training, and developing Straightline staff. With direct and regular client interaction, she is responsible for establishing and managing service teams for our clients. 
Ms. Carney as an original member of the Straightline team has served in multiple roles including chart auditing, coding, practice management consultation, ICD 10 training, and insurance recovery. Her current responsibilities focus her expertise and experience on evaluating our customer’s revenue cycles with sophisticated techniques and analytics. Ultimately, it is her role to assure that Straightline clients employ the most effective workflow, billing, and collecting processes possible in this very challenging and complicated time of revenue cycle management.
Pete Gratale, CEO
Laurie Peregoy, JD, General Counsel
Mr. Gratale is a serial entrepreneur responsible for founding more than 15 companies over the past twenty years. These include both healthcare delivery practices and medical software applications. Specifically, he has created practices such as an outpatient imaging chain, urgent care facilities and sleep centers in addition to a multi-state corporate screening practice. Medical service organizations and software products developed by Gratale include Empiric (radiology RIS/PACS/Billing), Connect(x) (EHR/Billing), Constant Care (Chronic Care Management), DSS (radiology equipment sales and repair), and Straightline Medical Billing.
Ms. Peregoy is an original member Straightline (2004) and serves its clients by providing RAC audit consultation and Stark compliance review. Laurie Peregoy is a North Carolina licensed attorney who has practiced for over 25 years. With over 15 years of trial work and over 10 years involved in the Healthcare Management Industry, particularly medical billing, she offers a unique combination that can analyze the business side of the practice of medicine along with the compliance aspect necessary. She has a RAC Audit certification and is a member of the American Healthcare Lawyers Association. Her experience and qualifications related to compliance of HIPAA, HITECH, and Privacy; provides the leadership Straightline and its customers requires in today's highly regulated healthcare environment.
Severko Hyrwnak, MD, Medical Director
Reynold Yordy, MS, CTO/CIO
Dr. Hyrwnak is a 30 year entrepreneur and successful business operator. He currently serves as President and CEO of Advanced Ambulatory Surgical Center, Elmwood Park Intermediate Health Care Centers, and VIP Surgery Chicago. He joined Straightline to provide management expertise for the uniquely specialized area of outpatient surgical centers. Working with Straightline principals, Dr. Hyrwnak assists in delivering billing and consultative services to surgery and surgical center practices. His vast expertise promotes his lectures which he presents throughout the United States and Canada on subjects such as Medicine, Law, Technology, and Healthcare policy.

Mr Yordy has created and managed numerous software products and services in healthcare over the past 15 years. As an experienced software engineer, he has provided valuable leadership for developing applications such as RIS, PACS, EHR, CCM, e-Registration and Practice Management. Additionally, Mr Yordy has operated the technical components of 5 urgent care centers as well as 2 cloud based service providers. His vast experience with web based delivery platforms and hardware uniquely qualifies him to oversee the efficient and secure delivery of Straightline’s IT based services and products.