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Straightline Medical is a full-service revenue cycle management partner whose mission is to help physicians improve business practices and maximize revenues.

StraightLine co-sources everything from managing the revenue cycle and increasing operational efficiency to advising on the best ways to grow and maintain control of your practice. We offer years of in-depth, hands on industry knowledge and a proven track record of helping practices thrive in today's changing technological and regulatory environment. 

StraightLine gives healthcare providers of all specialties the freedom to practice medicine with the assurance that all of their business needs are in the hands of a trusted business partner.
Our Customers Say It Best
Case Study
"We used to have a single person doing in-house billing for our outpatient MRI clinic, until we could no longer keep up to date with billing changes - and got unimaginably behind. StraightLine was impressive at forming a plan for getting back up to date, recouping what billing could be recovered, and has been excellent to work with, since. Being in a small town - it is important to me that billing be sensitive to the patients - not overly aggressive and cold. The team at StraightLine balances that issue well - of billing efficiently from a business standpoint - while accomodating well my clinic's desire to remember that there are real people / families on the other end of that process."

James Adams, MD
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Kirksville, Missouri
Partners in revenue cycle management
Brunswick Urgent Care

Brunswick Urgent Care (BUC) was a single site, urgent care and family practice in Leland NC. In 2006 BUC moved to a new location and included StraightLine as their medical billing partner.  In the first three months, StraightLine increased receipts by 16% and 59% over the first year. As BUC sought opportunities to grow, StraightLine helped BUC add profitable services. When BUC opened a new location, StraightLine made sure the contracting and credentialing was completed for a smooth post-purchase transition. BUC did not have any EDI, claims processing or payment issues for the new location.
The partnership of BUC and StraightLine increased billable charges, improved insurance collections and raised the value of the practice upon sale.
Does a Home-Based Workforce Model Work for You?
If you are considering a home-based workforce, take a moment to read this article in the May.June.2014 issue of HMBA's Billing magazine, The Journal of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association. Yvonne Moncovich, Director of Operations for StraightLine Medical Billing, lays out the pros and cons of telework and offers tips for a smooth transition.
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